Hybrid membership welcome packs

Give members the best of both with our hybrid print x digital membership packs.

You know what your members
want. Now give it to them.

We know what it’s like.

In our digital age, members expect convenience. They want easy access to their benefits, wherever and whenever. Click, tap, done – like ordering a pizza or calling a cab.

But a purely digital membership experience? That’s a big step. Dropping physical membership cards and welcome packs might leave members feeling unloved and short-changed.

That’s why we developed our hybrid membership welcome packs. They. combine the convenience of digital membership with ‘engagement-boosting power’ that only print provides.

Your members get all the physical goodies they expect. You unlock a trove of useful data to empower your marketing activities. Everybody’s happy.

The print x digital membership journey

Welcome email

Engagement starts here. Your welcome email is there to put a smile on members’ faces and signpost their next steps.


Your PURLs are your digital membership packs. They let members access benefits, downloadable assets and updates with just a few clicks.

Printed materials

Your members are already enjoying their online benefits. But you can still send them printed perks thanks to our cutting-edge digital print and fulfilment technologies.

Renewal email

And it all comes full circle. Automated renewal emails make members feel valued and help you boost your retention rate.

Say hello to the PURL

Digital membership is like knitting. It’s all about the PURLs.

Choose Synergy’s hybrid membership welcome packs and every member will receive their very own PURL.

PURL stands for ‘personalised URL’. It’s a secure, branded webpage where members can access benefits, manage their accounts and check for updates from your team. 

PURLs can be whatever you want them to be. They can include digital membership cards, downloadable assets, printable certificates, shareable badges…You name it.

And, of course, they’re 100% bespoke to your brand. Our designers will l work with you to create PURLs that promote your personality and give members that warm, fuzzy, familiar feeling.

The power of PURLs

  • An online experience that puts members first and makes them feel welcome
  • Easy access to membership benefits, renewals and key information
  • A design and layout that supports your goals and reflects your brand identity
  • Targeted personalisation results in higher conversion rates than standard URLs

Printed welcome packs

Paper is your secret weapon.

When everyone else is going digital, a paper welcome letter or plastic membership card can feel like a little slice of Christmas.

This is the power of print. It’s real. It’s physical. And it delivers huge value for engagement and relationship management.

Synergy’s cutting-edge digital print technologies mean we can support your digital membership strategy with beautiful paper membership packs and other physical goodies.

And you’ll never have to settle for ‘one-size-fits-all’. Our services are totally tailored to your needs, goals and budget. We’re here to deliver whether you need design support, strategic advice or an end-to-end print management solution.

Let’s talk engagement. Speak to our friendly, creative team online or at 01543 257257.

Our joined-up approach

Somethings are just better when they join up. Our suite of tailored services lets you choose the support you need to fill resource gaps and get more done.

Marketing fulfilment

Make time to think and space to succeed. Let us print, pack and send your membership packs so you can focus on putting members first.

Marketing portals

Want to send membership materials direct to members’ doorsteps? Our easy-to-use marketing storefronts make relationship management simple.

Branded merchandise

Useful stuff with your name on it. Create high-quality branded items that members will love, treasure and show to their friends.

Bespoke packaging

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But our bespoke welcome packs will make members fall in love at first sight.
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Trusted by top UK brands, charities and membership organisations
  • Cutting-edge digital print and warehousing facilities
  • Bespoke service – from design support to end-to-end management

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