Branded merchandise

Win trust, friends and brand awareness with personalised promotional products.

How to build your brand
(without even trying)

Look around. We bet you’re not too far from a promotional product. 

It could be that pen you swiped from a conference. A well-loved travel mug. Or the trusty keyring that goes everywhere with you.

This is the magic of branded merchandise. Stamp your brand on something useful and you can be sure it will be used every day. 

This means guaranteed daily impressions – and improved buy-in from customers, clients or members. 

And once your promo item is in their hands… that’s it. Your work is done. It will continue to generate interest simply by being eye-catching, being useful and being used.

Unlock the value in the every day

Our quality custom merchandise makes your brand as familiar as morning coffee.

The keyword is ‘quality’.

Anyone can slap their brand on a travel mug and call it done. But quality matters. If your mug leaks or your bag breaks, it paints a poor picture of your brand.

That’s where we come in. As a trusted supplier of custom-printed items, we’ve spent decades helping clients maximise ROI with high-quality promotional products.

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Branded Merchandise: The facts

It gets noticed

Useful stuff gets used – and seen. A tote bag, for instance, will typically generate around 3,300 impressions over an 11-month lifespan.

It makes a statement

There’s a reason ‘eco-friendly’ promo items are so popular. Your choice of custom merchandise clearly communicates your brand’s identity and values.

It has hidden benefits

Branded merchandise is more than advertising. It encourages customer loyalty like nothing else – and can unlock a valuable revenue stream

Quality matters

Your promotional products speak for your brand. That’s why we only offer practical, high-quality items that make a lasting impression.

Our promotional products

Choose from 1,000+ high-quality custom-printed items. Or get people talking with 100% bespoke merchandise, designed and printed with your brand in mind.

  • Bags
  • Calendars
  • Clothing
  • Corporate branded gifts
  • Drinkware
  • Eco products
  • Key rings
  • Office products and stationery
  • Tools
  • Toys
  • And much more
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Our joined-up approach

Think of us as part of the team.

Rely on us to fill resource gaps, offer strategic support or deliver end-to-end project management with our suite of complementary, tailored marketing services.

Hybrid membership welcome packs

Nothing says ‘Welcome’ like a freebie. Earn the hearts of members and subscribers with custom-printed items and personalised welcome packs.

Direct mail marketing

Creative mailshots can help you win customers’ trust. Throw in some high-quality custom merchandise and you might just make some friends for life.

Marketing fulfilment

Is your office doing double-duty as a storage room? Let us store, pack and post your promotional products so you can focus on getting stuff done.

Marketing portals

Our marketing portals are like digital storefronts for your merch. Staff can order promo items on demand and even customise them online. (Yes, they’re that good.)

Bespoke packaging

Customers will love your branded merchandise. Parcel it up in our custom packaging and they might even send you poetry.

There's more where these came from...

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Trusted by top UK brands, charities and membership organisations
  • Cutting-edge digital print and warehousing facilities
  • Bespoke service – from design support to end-to-end management

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