Bespoke packaging

Be unforgettable with creative custom packaging designs.

Make every impression count

‘Bespoke packaging’ can mean a million things. Presentation packs. Printed boxes. Point-of-sale displays.

But no matter the format, the function is the same. Custom packaging exists to make an impression. Do it well and your brand will stick in customers’ minds like ‘Y.M.C.A’.

It means making your merchandise sing and your mailers do magic tricks. It means transforming an everyday act – like opening an envelope or lifting a flap – into a memorable, shareable unboxing experience.

It means making every impression count.

Let your ideas out of the box

Our bespoke packaging helps you wow customers and win business.

In an age of overwhelming digital fatigue, creative packaging is more powerful than ever.

Our custom packaging designs have helped dozens of clients get their brands seen and their messages heard. We’d love to do the same for you.

When you work with Synergy, you unlock a suite of joined-up services that are tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Need more resource? Strategic support? Want us to design, print and deliver? We’re at your service.

It all starts with a conversation. Let’s get talking.

Custom packaging: the facts

Packaging is persuasive

72% of consumers in the US say that packaging design often influences their purchase decisions.

Packaging is emotive

Even a plain cardboard box says ‘I’m eco’. Creative packaging can spark positive emotions and make your message feel more meaningful.

Touch is powerful

People value things they can see and touch 24% more than things they can only see.

Packaging amplifies
your digital efforts

40% of consumers will share an image of branded packaging, or packaging they feel is unique, on social media.

Bespoke packaging services

  • Customised product packaging boxes
  • Gift boxes
  • Sales presenters and exhibition packs
  • Freestanding display units
  • Short-run printed boxes and cartons
  • Printed mail packs
Feeling inspired? Let’s talk custom packaging and what it can do for you. Contact us online or call 01543 257257 today.

Our joined-up approach

We’re much more than a branded packaging supplier. Our suite of joined-up services helps you cut through the noise and fill the gaps that are holding you back.

Hybrid membership welcome packs

Make members and subscribers feel extra special. Deliver unboxable welcome packs that boost engagement and refuse to be forgotten.

Direct mail marketing

Envelopes say, ‘I’m a letter’. But customised mailers say, ‘Drop everything and get ready to be inspired’.

Marketing fulfilment

Make space to think and time to grow. We’ll print, store and assemble your packaging – then dispatch it when the time is right.

Marketing portals

Imagine an easy-to-use online storefront that lets your team customise, print and dispatch packaging with a few clicks. (Good news: it’s real.)

Branded merchandise

Beautiful branded merchandise deserves beautiful packaging. Our designs make free gifts and membership perks even more memorable.

See what else is up our sleeves…

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Trusted by top UK brands, charities and membership organisations
  • Cutting-edge digital print and warehousing facilities
  • Bespoke service – from design support to end-to-end management

Need help delivering on a big idea? Want some creative input or a little extra resource?

We’re a friendly team of doers, makers and break-newgrounders. Let’s get stuff done together. Just fill in the form or call 01543 257257

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